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16 minute

Guided deep rest to reground, recenter, and release tension through a body scan with non-judgmental and compassionate awareness. 

  • A body scan is a type of meditation to help you develop mindful awareness of your bodily sensations by focusing your attention on different parts of your body, from head to toe, with non-judgmental, compassionate awareness.
  • Cultivate the “being mode” of what unfolds in the moment with non-reactive attention.
  • Bodyscan meditation helps release tension and stress stored in various parts of the body, promoting a state of relaxation and calm.
  • Regular practice of body scans enhances sensitivity to bodily sensations, fostering a deeper connection between the mind and body.
  • Bodyscan meditation can be beneficial if dealing with chronic pain by encouraging a non-judgmental awareness of sensations and promoting a more adaptive response to discomfort.
  • Practicing body scan meditation before bedtime can contribute to improved sleep quality by releasing physical tension and calming the mind.

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