Use the wheel of emotions to ease anxiety and the science of why it works, while you journal into a state of ease and peace.

Woman standing on top of a hill looking down

16 min
Guided deep rest to reground, recenter, and release tension through a body scan.


10 min
Guided deep rest meditation to calm and rejuvenate the whole body, mind, and heart.

Hands holding one flower in the fields

11 min
Guided mindful breathing to rest in spacious awareness, calm nervous system + cultivate peace from within.

Woman in jungle

12 min
Guided visualization breathing practice to clear the mind, relax the body + nourish the nervous system.

white flower

7 min
Guided box breathing with crystal singing bowls to create a steady even breath, restoring nervous system, improving focus, and calming mind. 

chair in front of a curtain

10 min
Guided diaphragmatic abdominal breathing to reduce inflammation, lower pain, and calm nervous system.

Woman turned away from mirror looking over her shoulder and holding flowers behind her back

4 min
Box breathing technique to increase focus, calm the mind, and balance the nervous system. 

Small window

5 mins
Guided diaphragmatic breathwork to tone the vagus nerve so you feel peaceful, secure, and at ease. 

calm ocean at sunset

10 mins
Guided breath-focused meditation creating a positive rhythm of breathing, activating the relaxation response.

5 mins
Guided meditation of breath awareness and mantra to cultivate inner calm.

18 mins
Guided mantra meditation practice to let go of anything you are resisting.