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32 minute

Guided yoga nidra sound bath to find equanimity within the ebb and flow of life, balance the nervous system, clear the mind, and calm the body. Sometimes, it is quite uncomfortable to be present in the body. When we decide to cultivate present awareness, we have to sit with all the pieces of ourselves that we usually try to do away with, change, or fix. We practice because being present in the body is our most empowered state of being.

Through meditation practice, we learn how to be with the never-ending ebb and flow of sensations moving through the body, the constant chit-chat of the mind, and emotions in the body. Through present awareness, we come to sense the dichotomy of the human experience. The constant changes of familiar and unfamiliar sensations. The comfort and discomfort that arises and falls. And yet, we keep coming back to embodiment as our most empowered state of being, where we have access to our whole brain and being. Where we get to show up fully in the world, living from the heart. Where we can meet ourselves as we are with non-judgment and compassion. So even though it can be hard and uncomfortable to be in the body, choose to come back to present moment awareness over and over again.

  • Do away with any expectations, especially of feeling relaxed right away. Go into this meditation knowing that it may most definitely be uncomfortable, and that’s ok; that’s part of the practice. The relaxation may come to fruition afterward and help in the long term.
  • The first 5-10 minutes of a meditation practice can be the most uncomfortable as the mind and body settle into present-moment awareness.
  • Acknowledge any discomfort that arises with the same compassion as if you were sitting down for tea with your dear friend.

Balance Deep Rest