Balance the mind + body + heart into alignment.


Flow Movement

45 minute full body mindful movement flow linked with breath to harmonize + balance from the inside out. Align the mind, body, and heart so that we can fully show up in the world in our most empowered state of being. Balancing work, stability, headstand, and backbends make a well rounded practice. Blocks may be used for this practice. 

Power Movement

20 minute full body HIIT workout tabata style: 20 seconds on of hard work, with 10 seconds of rest. Harmonize the mind, body, and heart so that we live in right relation with ourselves, feel grounded and at home in the earth, and show up as our most authentic self. Work the lower, upper, and core body with active movements that focus on balancing to stabilize + tone + strengthen. 

Restore Movement

30 minute full body self-massage / rolling + slow movement class with a luxurious legs up the wall meditation. Balance the body by working through muscle tension throughout the body with rollings and bring the mind into harmony with slow conscious breathing. You will need two massage balls to roll, lacrosse, tennis, or myofascial release balls recommended.