A cathartic + empowering HIIT workout, staying safe in our joints.



15 minute HIIT focused on lower body + arms. Ground into your most empowered state of being. 


20 minute HIIT focused on the hips + glutes. Tone and strengthen through this powerful workout, staying safe in our joints. Release any tension of thoughts, emotions, and old beliefs that no longer serve you.


12 minute full body HIIT full activating core + lower body + upper body. HIIT is one of the best things you can do for your heart: builds cardiovascular fitness, improves metabolism, lowers resting heart rate, increases circulation, lowers cholesterol + blood pressure.

Working with Resistance

15 min tabata style full body workout + an endurance building sweaty ending, activating core, glutes, and arms. Together we breakthrough resistance, boosting mental strength + resilience.

Good Habits

Only have 5 mins to workout? 5 min upper body, core, lower body, and full body HIIT classes designed to easily integrate into your busy day. Get the blood flowing + sweat + boost the immune system + nourish brain, lungs, and heart with 4 mini 5 minute classes. Or put them all together for a 20 min workout + stretching.