Mindful movement slow flow, restoring the body and releasing tension through self massage.



27 minute slow flow practice linked with the breath + self massage to open, stretch, and break up tension in the hips, hamstrings, and feet.


30 minute mindful movement practice all on the ground (no standing) of restorative and self massage guided by the breath. We work through tension in the hips and lower body.


21 minute restorative flow for upper back + shoulders, with self-massage focused on chest + upper back, complete with a rejuvenating heart opening rest. You will need massage-balls and towel (or strap + bolster).  

Working with Resistance

30 min slow flow the first half using resistance to deepen stretches, all grounded (no standing poses) + the second half completely letting go of all resistance cultivating freedom within our body. 

Good Habits

16 minute seated flow perfect to practice at your desk for a much needed work break. Open all the joints of the body making your way from the head, neck, shoulders, wrists (especially if you type + text), knees, hips, and feet. Stretch + release tension from the back to keep you feeling rejuvenated + nourished throughout your work day.