Mindful movement slow flow, restoring the body and releasing tension through self massage.



27 minute slow flow practice linked with the breath + self massage to open, stretch, and break up tension in the hips, hamstrings, and feet.


30 minute mindful movement practice all on the ground (no standing) of restorative and self massage guided by the breath. We work through tension in the hips and lower body.


21 minute restorative flow for upper back + shoulders, with self-massage focused on chest + upper back, complete with a rejuvenating heart opening rest. You will need massage-balls and towel (or strap + bolster).  

Working with Resistance

30 min slow flow the first half using resistance to deepen stretches, all grounded (no standing poses) + the second half completely letting go of all resistance cultivating freedom within our body. 

Good Habits

16 minute seated flow perfect to practice at your desk for a much needed work break. Open all the joints of the body making your way from the head, neck, shoulders, wrists (especially if you type + text), knees, hips, and feet. Stretch + release tension from the back to keep you feeling rejuvenated + nourished throughout your work day. 


30 minute full body self-massage / rolling + slow movement class with a luxurious legs up the wall meditation. Balance the body by working through muscle tension throughout the body with rolling and bring the mind into harmony with slow conscious breathing. You will need two massage balls to roll, lacrosse, tennis, or myofascial release balls recommended + one block.


10 minute full body slow flow movement + self-massage / rolling to open the back and hips. Let your deep rejuvenating breath guide the way to present moment awareness, where joy resides. 


30 minute full body restorative movement flow opening all joints of the body + self-massage / rolling to release tension in the back and hips. Use the practice of curiosity to go deep within, releasing tension, blockages, or anything no longer serving you.


5 minute full body calming chair flow, perfect for when working at the desk. Deepen the breath, open the shoulders, relieve lower back pain, and aid in circulation in this rejuvenating practice.


23 minute lower body focus restorative flow with self-massage ball rolling. Release and strengthen outer and inner hips. One massage ball needed.


21 minute foot + lower leg focus using a massage ball to open our foundation of the feet which unlocks tension in all the joints of the body. Stretch and restore any tightness in the feet and calves.

Low Back

35 minute lower back restorative practice. Slowly and safely move through movements that support lower back rehabilitation, using alignment, myofacial massage, and stretches focused on back of the legs, hips, and spine. Massage ball and strap or towel needed.


19 minute full body myofacial release massage and slow moving restorative practice, focused on the breath. Open the shoulders, spine, and hips and seal the practice with a meditative legs up the wall. A massage or tennis ball is needed.


20 minute restorative flow with myofacial release massage for the shoulders and upper back. Work through tension, regain mobility, and open the heart in this relaxing movement practice. A massage or tennis ball is needed.


20 min partner  restore massage, also called pranamassage, to practice with a loved one, partner, friend, or family member. A relaxing + rejuvenating practice to deepen connection and love. 


24 min nourishing movement + massage to nourish, all practiced supine. This practice moves the spine in all 6 directions and massages points on the spine that help relieve pain + discomfort. 


28 min myofascial release + deep stretching to open the souls of the feet and back of the neck, because as above so below. Elongate the  spine and create more space in the whole body. 2 massage balls + block needed.


21 min restorative movement practice to stretch and open the legs, hips, and hamstrings.


14 min self massage / myofcaial release, working from the feet to the back of the neck to reset and realign your foundation + spine. Focus on massaging + releasing the feet, calves, spine, and back of neck (perfect for tech neck). 


23 min seated practiced on the ground using myofascial release and restorative movement to open the hip joints and lower body muscles. One soft massage ball (tennis ball) needed. Prenatal friendly. 


20 min restorative practice to release tension and melt into the support of the earth. Hold restorative stretches for 10 breaths to soften + open through the layers of the body. Prenatal friendly. 2 pillows + 1 block needed. 


20 min restorative practice to release tension and melt into the support of the earth. Hold restorative stretches for 10 breaths to soften + open through the layers of the body. Prenatal friendly. 2 pillows + 1 block needed. 


18 min sciatic nerve restorative movement all practiced in a chair. 


20 min restorative movement. Open the hip by opening up the jaw. Jaw, hips, and pelvic floor are deeply connected so when we open and massage one we can open the other. One block + massage ball needed. Prenatal friendly.


24 min yin practice, holding poses for 10 breaths each to focus on the breath in the present movement as we move through the different layers of the body. Prenatal friendly.