A mindful movement flow connected to breath. Stretch, strengthen, and tone, while connecting mind and heart.



30 minute flow practice to ground into our most empowered state of being. We work on posture, strengthening and stretching our lower body to move into a softening and opening of the heart.


30 minute flow,  releasing resistance to what no longer serves us so we can thrive. Strengthen and gain flexibility in the hips and lower body while opening up our chest and shoulders.


40 minute flow,  connected to the breath, centered around the heart + self-love. A longer practice to get into safe backbends, filled with lots of twists + heart pranayama + opening shoulders and hamstrings. 

Working with Resistance

25 minute full body flow to learn how to use resistance to get stronger, leaner, and a new perspective for when we encounter it within our own lives. 

Good Habits

25 minute morning yoga practice combining mindful alignment with breath. Stretch + move your spine in all 6 ways, open the hips, go upside down, and train the breath to breathe in a positive rhythm for a beautiful start to your day.