A mindful movement flow connected to breath. Stretch, strengthen, and tone, while connecting mind and heart.



30 minute flow practice to ground into our most empowered state of being. We work on posture, strengthening and stretching our lower body to move into a softening and opening of the heart.


30 minute flow,  releasing resistance to what no longer serves us so we can thrive. Strengthen and gain flexibility in the hips and lower body while opening up our chest and shoulders.


40 minute flow,  connected to the breath, centered around the heart + self-love. A longer practice to get into safe backbends, filled with lots of twists + heart pranayama + opening shoulders and hamstrings. 

Working with Resistance

25 minute full body flow to learn how to use resistance to get stronger, leaner, and a new perspective for when we encounter it within our own lives. 

Good Habits

25 minute morning yoga practice combining mindful alignment with breath. Stretch + move your spine in all 6 ways, open the hips, go upside down, and train the breath to breathe in a positive rhythm for a beautiful start to your day.


45 minute full body mindful movement flow linked with breath to harmonize + balance from the inside out. Align the mind, body, and heart so that we can fully show up in the world in our most empowered state of being. Balancing work, stability, headstand, and backbends make a well rounded practice. Blocks recommended  for this practice. 


10 minute full body blissful flow, connected to the breath as your doorway to joy as joy resides in present moment awareness. Boost endorphins, center the mind, open the hips + back + shoulders, and balance the nervous system in this short but complete practice.  


50 minute full body flow, connected to the breath as your doorway to present moment awareness. Show up as you are in this safe space of non-judgment. Learn about engagement, core stabilization, and posture while exploring backbends, inversions, and hip openers. 


5 minute full body flow, connected to the breath as your doorway to inner calm that is always within you. Stretch, tone, and clear the mind in this short and sweet practice. 


50 minute full body flow linked to ujjayi breath. Play with backbends, folds, and inversions to boost mood, flexibility, and mindset. 


25 minute standing series full body flow linked to the breath. Perfect for a midday break at work / school or while out on a walk. Work the stabilizing muscles and core with balancing poses to bring steadiness to the mind. 

Low Back

36 minute rehabilitating mindful flow, focused on the muscle groups that can create strain on the lower back: hamstrings, glutes, and hips. May need yoga blocks. 

Low Back Standing

13 minute standing flow for the lower back, with a focus on the psoas. Move the spine in all 6 directions to tone, restore, and warm up the lower back. Perfect practice to incorporate as a midday stretch or in the morning while you get ready. 

Low Back Lying

12 minute restorative flow practice all lying down. Perfect to do in bed when you wake up or before sleep to restore low back, lengthen hamstrings, and open the hips. Towel or strap needed. 


57 minute yoga asana flow connected to the breath, infusing gratitude in every area of the practice to build positive connections in brain, boost mood, and regulate nervous system. You will experience backbends, inversions, folds, twists, and hip openers in this complete practice.


27 minute yoga asana flow connected to the breath to clear the slate and get you back in your body, your most empowered state of being, complete with alternate nostril breathing to balance the brain and emotions.


60 min yoga asana flow connected to the breath, with a focus on twists + backbends to open the heart. Train the mind to drop into the heart in this practice that reminds you of the boundless abundance of your heart. 


24 min standing (no hands) yoga asana flow connected to the breath, moving the spine in all 6 directions because our vitality + energy is often dictated by the health and mobility of the spine.  


24 min standing (no hands) to lengthen + grow the spine using the ujjayi breath to strengthen and tone the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve in the body that is the master nerve of our relaxation response. Feel balanced, grounded, calm, and spacious.  


28 min grounding practice, staying low to the floor to reconnect with the earth and engaging the core as a way to reconnect with your will power and center. 


16 min standing practice to move the body through balancing techniques, lengthen the spine, and realign with your foundation. Connect with your most authentic and empowered state of being. 


40 min full body flow focused on opening the hips + working with 2nd chakra of creativity to get back in the flow and connected to your higher self. One block recommended. Prenatal friendly. 


27 min full body flow hip focus, using contraction + tension to create ease + release. Prenatal friendly. 


25 min full body flow practiced outside with pelvic floor, hips, and heart focus. Prenatal friendly. 


37 min slow flow to help with sciatic nerve. Tone + open hips and pelvis and bring fluidity into the spine as you let go of any resistance to how things are in this moment and remember to trust. Prenatal friendly. 


17 min standing flow to open hips, shoulders, and the mind. Openness is a very grounded state of being, in your authentic self with all the pieces of yourself, so that we can then shift our perspective and be open to receiving all the goodness of this world. Prenatal friendly. 


24 min Bring all the pieces of yourself into the present moment, our only domain. Lots of hip openers, with a sciatic nerve and low back relieving slow flow. Prenatal friendly.