26 min
Guided deep rest meditation of witness and accept to shift your state of being to a positive and open one.


13 min
Guided deep rest breathing the positive rhythm of breath to nourish the nervous system + calm the mind.

Sandy hills in black and white

20 min
Guided deep rest loving kindness meditation to feel loved, cherished, and deeply restored while letting go.

A couple walking together on the beach in black and white

20 min
Guided deep rest meditation to reset the nervous system, clear the mind, rejuvenate the body + set intention.

Woman kneeling with hands on knees black and white

19 min
Guided rejuvenating meditation of witness + release to process stress, frustrations, or resistance to life as is.

woman in white blouse

8 min
Guided meditation using visualization and breath awareness to cultivate creativity from within.

12 min
Guided breath awareness meditation to help you sleep.

Sleeping woman with curly hair after meditation help

10 mins
Guided breath-focused meditation creating a positive rhythm of breathing, activating the relaxation response.

5 mins
Guided meditation focusing on the sensation of the breath to cultivate focus, clarity, and calmness.

5-30 mins
Guided meditation to grow the space between your experience + response, using the timer of the crystal bowl.

13 mins
Guided meditation of breath awareness + visualization to nourish body, mind, + heart.

14 mins
Reset + shift your state of being with non-judgmental awareness, breath, + intention.

11 min
Guided meditation reflecting on all you are grateful for to cultivate a calm and compassionate state of being.

8 mins
Breath awareness meditation of alternate nostril breathing to balance.

5 mins
Guided meditation of breath awareness and mantra to cultivate inner calm.

7 mins
Guided inner smile meditation, ushering you into the present moment awareness where all joy resides.

8 min
Connect to your most empowered state of being with a bodyscan + breath awareness.