Unlock the potential of the present moment with the daily 5-minute journal, exploring gratitude, intentions, inner wisdom, and more.

man sitting on grass meditating

Journal prompts for uncertainty because you never know; what you may be avoiding may be your heart’s desire to try to come into form.

Journal prompt designed to uncover what no longer serves you, reflect on what you are already cultivating, and realign with your higher self.

Journal prompts designed to declutter your life and create space through awareness and letting go in order to cultivate more joy.

Journal prompts designed to transform and reconnect with your higher self for a grounded and positive connection with life, no matter what.

ocean waves in black and white

Journal prompts of self-discovery designed recognize signs of misalignment, and create a toolkit to reconnect with your higher self.

woman at the beach hands in the sky black and white

Journal prompts to reconnect with your purpose, joy, and gratitude to fill your tank, shift your perspective, and inspire.

Woman blurred by the moon

Feel stuck in your comfort zone? Journal prompts designed to foster a growth mindset that is inspired, resilient, and not afraid to fail.

palm tree by the water black and white

Bring awareness to the most important areas of your life to reflect, cultivate, and brainstorm practices + habits that nourish you whole.


Journal prompts designed to get to the root of you inner critic in order to strengthen your inner wisdom and shift to a positive narrative.

Two men in pearls and hats by a palm tree

Journal prompts designed to help you reflect, reassess, and realign your vision, goals, habits, and create an action plan.

woman at the beach black and white

A 30 day gratitude journal to boost mood, improve sleep, cultivate a positive outlook on life, and reduce stress.

woman smiling with orange

Daily journal prompts to help process pain and alleviate physical discomfort associated with repressed emotions.

Flowing scarf

Cultivate self-awareness using the wheel of life to determine the areas of your life you feel balanced and where you need more care +energy.

Woman on a hike in the woods

Calm difficult emotions and cultivate compassion for yourself using the mindfulness tool RAIN to help integrate negative experiences.

shell and cracked eggs shell

Use the wheel of emotions to ease anxiety and the science of why it works, while you journal into a state of ease and peace.

Woman standing on top of a hill looking down

Writing prompts to cultivate self-awareness through curiosity by better understanding how and why you react to discomfort.

Candle and palo santo

Know where your joy resides within you and understand what hides your joy + what enlivens joy.

Woman closing eyes and laughing

A guide to become aware about what feel out of balance and discover what practices bring you into harmony.

pomegranate balancing on concrete

Feeling stuck? Work through feelings of resistance showing up in your relationships, work, and life.

hard green fruit

Self love journal to cultivate worthiness, confidence, and self compassion.

27 min
Slow flow restorative linked with breath + myofascial release massage to release tension in lower body.

Woman's legs in black and white

15 min
Power HIIT connected to the breath to ground, focuses on llower + upper body strengthening + balance.

Woman in black and white at the beach

30 min
Flow yoga to ground into your most empowered state of being, open the heart and strengthen lower body.

Woman walking in the beach

20 min
Guided deep rest meditation through all the layers of the self to help you cultivate presence and calm the mind.

man in curtain

16 min
Guided deep rest to reground, recenter, and release tension through a body scan.


26 min
Guided deep rest to come home to your inner sanctuary + let go of what no longer serves you.

Woman running on the beach

25 min
Guided deep rest to empty the mind + cultivate gratitude, abundance, worthiness, and empowerment. 

Woman surfing sitting on the water

26 min
Guided deep rest meditation of witness and accept to shift your state of being to a positive and open one.


40 min
Guided deep rest yoga nidra to align with your higher self + set an intention within the subconscious.

Woman in bikini at beach

13 min
Guided deep rest breathing the positive rhythm of breath to nourish the nervous system + calm the mind.

Sandy hills in black and white

33 min
Guided deep rest relaxation to manifest your heart’s desire + release blockages that no longer serve you

Sea shells

20 min
Guided nourishing deep rest to release tension and rejuvenate the mind, body, and heart.

Black woman in workout outfit holding a glass of water

20 min
Guided deep rest loving kindness meditation to feel loved, cherished, and deeply restored while letting go.

A couple walking together on the beach in black and white

20 min
Guided deep rest meditation to reset the nervous system, clear the mind, rejuvenate the body + set intention.

Woman kneeling with hands on knees black and white

25 min
Deeply relaxing and restorative meditation that infuses gratitude in every part of the body, heart + mind.

woman holding flowers

30 min
Guided restorative deep relaxation meditation designed to ease pain and release discomfort.

Woman running on the beach

32 min
Guided yoga nidra sound bath to find equanimity within the ebb and flow of life and balance the nervous system.

One surfer in ocean

18 min
Guided witness and accept meditation to unwind, reduce anxiety, destress, and relax the body.

Leaf in water

10 min
Guided deep rest meditation to calm and rejuvenate the whole body, mind, and heart.

Hands holding one flower in the fields

21 min
Guided witness and acceptance meditation to help integrate the chaos of life and cultivate inner peace.

Blurred woman's face

5 min
Guided progressive muscle relaxation to quickly and powerfully release tension so you feel relaxed.

palm trees on the beach

25 min
Guided progressive muscle relaxation technique paired with breathwork followed by a rejuvenating meditation to feel balanced and relaxed.

yellow chair with white rose

30 min
Guided deeply relaxing meditation to relieve stress at the end of the day, clear the mind, and feel calm.

Man resting his head and holding a vase of flowers

19 min
Guided rejuvenating meditation of witness + release to process stress, frustrations, or resistance to life as is.

woman in white blouse

32 min
Guided yoga nidra to connect deep within to your subconscious setting intentions of joy and love.

house in the jungle beach with palm tress

35 min
Guided deep rest relaxation to release tension, thoughts, emotions, and anything that no longer serves you.  

Ocean and beach black and white

35 min
Guided relaxation meditation deep rest to ground into your most empowered state of being, feeling restored and at ease. 

Black woman smiling in field

11 min
Guided mindful breathing to rest in spacious awareness, calm nervous system + cultivate peace from within.

Woman in jungle

9 min
Guided pranayama practice to open the channels of the body to feel relaxed, calm, and open.

calm ocean horizon at sunset

10 min
Guided relaxation breath of a long exhale to calm the mind, dissolve tension, and release worries.

Woman by water in a dress with her arms in the air

12 min
Guided visualization breathing practice to clear the mind, relax the body + nourish the nervous system.

white flower

8 min
Guided whole breathing to create spaciousness in the mind, body, and heart using the 360 breath.

Disco ball on the beach

7 min
Guided deep breathing practice to shift your state of being and activate the relaxation response. 

Woman standing on beach holding a leaf

13 min
Diaphragmatic breathing with the 333 technique to improves posture + activates relaxation response.

Plant leaves close up

6 min
Guided walking breathwork, matching your footsteps to the count of the breath. Feel calm, connected + clear.

Walking on the beach

7 min
Guided box breathing with crystal singing bowls to create a steady even breath, restoring nervous system, improving focus, and calming mind. 

chair in front of a curtain

5 min
Guided conscious connected breath to the rhythm of crystal singing bowls to nourish the mind, body, and heart.


19 min
Guided conscious connected breathwork and loving-kindness meditation to release old narratives and cultivate self-love.

Woman dancing

12 min
Guided conscious connected breathwork + meditation to let go, reset, and set a powerful intention

Woman facing away from camera on a bed

16 min
Guided conscious connected breathing to clear out anything holding you back from gratitude

Fall leaves

10 min
Guided diaphragmatic abdominal breathing to reduce inflammation, lower pain, and calm nervous system.

Woman turned away from mirror looking over her shoulder and holding flowers behind her back

4 min
Box breathing technique to increase focus, calm the mind, and balance the nervous system. 

Small window

23 mins
Conscious connected breathwork + meditation to help process life and integrate the mind, body, and heart with full acceptance.

Woman with head turned to the right and her hand on her shoulder

5 mins
Guided diaphragmatic breathwork to tone the vagus nerve so you feel peaceful, secure, and at ease. 

calm ocean at sunset

15 mins
Conscious connected breathwork with an empowering meditation to work with difficult emotions + old beliefs that no longer serve you.

Woman reading a newspaper on the bench, black and white

5 mins
Guided 4-7-8 breathwork to activates the relaxation response by stimulating the vagus nerve and ease anxiety.

Bowl of lemons cut in half

10 mins
Guided pranayama practice of Nadi Shodhana to balance brain, mind, body, and emotions.

Man standing at edge of water with his reflection

10 min
Pranayama using techniques of Bhastrika, Kapalabhati and Nadi Shodhana to feel balanced + clear.

Close up of white mushrooms on a tree, black and white

23 mins
Guided breathwork practice of conscious connected breathing to breakthrough resistance.

Woman dancing outside black and white, fashion

9 min
Guided breathwork practice of conscious connected breathing and self-love heart-opening meditation.

Breathwork to release

24 minute
Guided breathwork practice of conscious connected breathing to release what no longer serves you.

Breathwork to release

20 mins
Guided breathwork practice of continuous breath. Transform the mind, body, and heart as you ground into your most empowered self.

8 min
Guided meditation using visualization and breath awareness to cultivate creativity from within.

12 min
Guided breath awareness meditation to help you sleep.

Sleeping woman with curly hair after meditation help

10 mins
Guided breath-focused meditation creating a positive rhythm of breathing, activating the relaxation response.

5 mins
Guided meditation focusing on the sensation of the breath to cultivate focus, clarity, and calmness.

3 mins
Mindfulness practice to welcome yourself as you are into this moment with non-judgment + compassion

10 mins
Mindfulness practice of choice-less awareness to improve overall wellbeing.

12 min
Guided mindfulness practice to train the mind to remain in open awareness without the added judgment + critic.

15 min
Guided meditation to get grounded amidst uncertainty and ease suffering by surrendering to life as is.

12 min
Guided meditation to connect with your highest sense of self in full bloom, manifesting your dream life.

17 min
Guided mantra meditation of Let Go to clear the clutter of the mind.

11 min
Guided tapping technique to shift your state of being, process difficult emotions, and rewire old belief systems.

9 min
Guided meditation practice to realign with your higher self using the mantra Sat Nam + the rhythm of your pulse.

Guided meditation practice to reconnect with the earth and your higher Self using the 5 senses to get fully present, focused, and grounded.

5-30 mins
Guided meditation to grow the space between your experience + response, using the timer of the crystal bowl.

13 mins
Guided meditation of breath awareness + visualization to nourish body, mind, + heart.

15 mins
Loving kindness meditation shown to reduce pain, increase self-compassion + ease anxiety.

14 mins
Reset + shift your state of being with non-judgmental awareness, breath, + intention.

11 min
Guided meditation reflecting on all you are grateful for to cultivate a calm and compassionate state of being.

18 mins
Guided meditation for dealing with chronic and acute physical pain and discomfort.

back of a male

8 mins
Breath awareness meditation of alternate nostril breathing to balance.

11 mins
Guided self-compassion meditation of RAIN to help integrate difficult emotions + experiences.

5 mins
Guided meditation of breath awareness and mantra to cultivate inner calm.

15 mins
Guided meditation cultivating present moment awareness to quiet the mind and connect with your inner wisdom.

7 mins
Guided inner smile meditation, ushering you into the present moment awareness where all joy resides.

10 mins
Guided meditation chanting the sacred sound of OM to harmonize the mind, body, and heart.

8 mins
Mindfulness meditation using your 5 senses to bring yourself into the present moment.

18 mins
Guided mantra meditation practice to let go of anything you are resisting.

10 min
Cultivate self-love with the heart breathing technique, mindful awareness, and affirmation.

10 min
Release what no longer serves you with visualization + breathwork + mindful awareness.

8 min
Connect to your most empowered state of being with a bodyscan + breath awareness.